Goodbye Facebook, Hello Clueless Ruler Page!

We've long been ambivalent about Clueless Ruler even appearing on Facebook - we're not fans of the platform, we don't have personal accounts on it, and we've long considered shutting it down. Today is that day - we've finally decided to pull the plug on the band's Facebook page.

Instead, we're moving the discussion here.

We'll be posting info on our upcoming album soon (yes, I know we've been talking about the "upcoming album" for years - I promise you it's not vaporware, it's just taking a lot of time and has been competing with a ton of other priorities). 

In the meantime, we're finishing some work on a song for Paul McGrannite, who provided the lyrics around which we're writing and recording the music. Stay tuned!

And thank you, as always, for your interest and support of Clueless Ruler - we're deeply grateful!

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