6 tunes of ass kickin rock n roll played the right way. None of this groove crap neither. Just strong rock riffs with catchy songs and a great singer with a strong voice. Each and every song on here has its own identity and was catchy as hell and heavy as well. Not many good rock bands making the rounds these days, but this band is easily one of them and a great guitar sound to boot.” - Chris Forbes

Metalcore Fanzine

Hard rocking to its core, rough around the edges, a little dirty, a little raw, and certainly very opinionated – this self-titled debut EP from Vancouver’s Clueless Ruler is a real treat. This is hard rock with shades of the 1980s and 1990s rippling through it, shot up with a decent measure of punk-rock’s blunt and cocky attitude, and coming at you with lyrics that have a lot more to say than “sex and drugs and rock and roll”, maybe even (gasp!) a political message.   Clueless Ruler is a two-piece, which might seem like a slim set-up for a rock crew, but the band works it well here and the sound is solidly big and heavy. Martin Lynch powers up each track with some stellar work on bass and guitar, and Corey Newport’s gruff and potent voice is bristling with emotion and passion.   First up is the defiant “Misfit”: a slamming, guitar-driven blast of hard rocking energy that lets the band kick things off right. It’s followed by the heavy groove and hooky rock’n'roll swing of “We Are Coming”, throbbing with some thick and juicy guitar beneath Newport’s fierce vocals and the cuttingly sharp lyrics: “freedom sometimes takes a little mutiny”. “Your Time Is Up” has a slower, heavier beat and there’s an almost menacing vibe to its righteous wrath – “with a lust for power, with your selfish greed, you rape the population and you make the country bleed”. It’s the most outspoken tune here, and the one that seems to reveal most clearly what’s on the band’s mind when it comes to the state of the world.   My own favorite track is the multi-layered “Cynic” with Newport really showing what he can do on vocals , and some inspired guitar work that moves from slow and beautifully soulful to brash and brawny. “Forgive Me” is another standout, with Clueless Ruler slipping into something softer and more melodic for a moment, baring a lot of heart without totally letting go of their hard-rocking toughness.   Final track, the decidedly rough and raw “FnB” with its non-PC, Not Safe For Work lyrics closes things out on a harder edge, only relenting at the very end with an almost tender “I love you”.   Founded in 2013, Clueless Ruler is a brand new outfit that already seems to have found a voice and a sound of its own. This is rock with force and fire, and it is definitely worth checking out.” - Maria Haskins

Hard Rock Nights

Step 1: Buy a can of your favorite highly-caffeinated energy drink. Step 2: Go to your local hardware store and convince a clerk to put it in the paint shaker for no less than 20 minutes. Step 3: Open your mouth wide and pop the can. OR you can start your day with Clueless Ruler’s debut EP. Clueless Ruler hails from Vancouver, Canada and aspires to make music that evokes a long lost era when Rock was aggressive and excessive, not dominated by mandolins and skinny jeans. Check them out at www.cluelessruler.com to stream their first single, “Your Time Is Up”, scope upcoming shows, and maybe even buy a coffee mug. Their EP blasts out of the gate with “Misfit”, a song that is reminiscent of 80’s hair metal bands but updated for a modern palette.  Next, “Your Time is Up” cranks up the energy with multi-layered guitars that are hard without being harsh.  An anthem against greed and moral corruption, this song is expertly sung by singer Corey Newport. Another solid offering on this album titled “We Are Coming” will run you over faster than a bull in Pamplona. It deals with a very contemporary subject matter, standing up to oppression and fighting for freedom, and the music just plain rocks.  My favorite song on this EP is titled “Forgive Me”. This song really speaks to me as I utter this phrase daily to my boss, coworkers and wife. It could fit nicely into an early Stone Temple Pilots album thanks to its elaborate guitars, well utilized tempo changes and strong vocalization. Clueless Ruler pulls together a handful of well-crafted songs and accomplishes a difficult task, creating an album with no songs that tempt you to press the skip button. If you are a fan of hard rock and you’re looking for a quick pick me up, do yourself a favor and get a copy of their debut EP. You're probably not going to need that coffee mug.” - Daniel C. Morrison

Hip Rock Magazine

Clueless Ruler is a two-piece outfit from Vancouver, Canada comprised of Corey Newport on vocals and Martin Lynch on guitar and bass. Their album Clueless Ruler is a brain-busting six-song endeavor that carries shades of Guns 'n' Roses, Ozzy, Alice in Chains and a flair for hard rock of the 80's. Powerful vocals are coupled effortlessly with grinding guitar hooks and hard-hitting rhythms. "Misfit" is the lead-in track and it carries an energetic and edgy essence that is reminiscent of the early works of Guns 'n' Roses, particularly their Appetite for Destruction days. Clueless Ruler takes elements of 80's rock and adds a modern twist to give their sound a fresh coating of pure rock. "We Are Coming" is likewise a masterpiece of intricate rhythms and a strong vocal delivery. Newport has a confidence that other singers might envy and it shows. Lyrically this is a song that brings forth feelings of rebellion and the blazing guitar work by Lynch is nothing short of mind blowing. "Your Time Is Up" may bring to mind classic offerings by Skid Row and this track has a slightly smoother edge than the previous two. The tempo is a bit slower which gives listeners a chance to truly understand the vocal prowess of Newport. Clueless Ruler has a great knack for tempo transitions and giving edginess to their music. "Cynic" is one of the more instrumentally intricate offerings on the album and again highlights the skillful way Clueless Ruler eases through tempo changes smoothly. Lynch's haunting guitar licks will send chills up the spine and this track will undoubtedly become a fan favorite. "Forgive Me" changes the pace a bit and gives listeners a taste of Clueless Ruler's softer side. The lyrics are thoughtfully written and delivered with an honesty that is enviable. Perhaps one of the best songs on the album, this one has it all, from screaming guitar licks to a softer and more melancholy rhythm and, of course, killer vocals. "FnB" is the closing track and Clueless Ruler goes out with a bang. This high energy performance will leave listeners wanting more. And more. And more. Clueless Ruler is an album that is a must-have for anyone who enjoys solid rock 'n roll, a crisp, clean sound, and exceptional musicianship. The sound quality throughout the album is absolutely fantastic, the songs are skillfully written and performed, and the energy and edginess of Newport and Lynch make for one hell of a ride. Artist: Clueless Ruler Album: Clueless Ruler Reviewed by Rhonda Readence 5 stars (out of 5)” - Rhonda Readence
Clueless Ruler is a band from Vancouver that has taken its sound from many hard rocking bands that have come before. The results of the talents of singer Corey Newport and guitarist/bassist Martin Lynch, the duo is helped out by Supreme Tracks. Together, the resulting outfit contains a combination of influences from bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Guns ‘n’ Roses help create a sound that many rock and roll fans will absolutely enjoy. Clueless Ruler has just finished working on a new self-titled EP that brings the band’s music to life. The self-titled EP from Clueless Ruler begins with the song “Misfit”. The track starts things off with a strong musical feeling. The track brings to mind the hard rock style of AC/DC. The vocals from Corey Newport are just as strong as the music created by Martin Lynch. The resulting track has a certain timeless rock feel that could have come from any time from the 70s to today. That timeless feeling of the track will be popular among fans of today’s rock and fans of the older bands as well. The second track from the self-titled EP from Clueless Ruler, “We Are Coming,” begins with a very hard riff that has a lot of power. That riff transitions into a track that brings a little Led Zeppelin influence to the sound of the band’s music. The track features a dual guitar attack from Martin Lynch as not one but two guitar solos intertwine with each other. Like “Misfit” before it, “We Are Coming” is a track that contains a timeless feel to it. The song has a slightly fun feel to the music. With the next track of “Your Time is Up,” the band seems to have changed their style just a bit. While Clueless Ruler stays with a rock feel to their music, the rock feels like it would fit in better with the power rock that was popular in the mid to late 80s. The band also seems to have decided to create a song that has a definite message to it. “Your Time is Up” is a very strong statement that is directed at a person who seems to have overstepped his power and has decided to do whatever he wants, no matter what anyone else says. The track works well with the band’s moniker of Clueless Ruler as “You Time is Up” could be the band’s “theme song”. On the track “Cynic,” Clueless Ruler goes for a slightly different approach to the song. When the previous tracks all hit hard and stay strong, the song “Cynic” has a somewhat dual feel to it as the band goes from pure hard rock to an almost power ballad-like feel halfway through the track. Guitarist Martin Lynch creates a few measures of music that are very reminiscent of the style of “Sweet Child of Mine” from Guns ‘n’ Roses. After only a few bars in that lighter feel, the band reverts back to its harder musical approach and finishes out the track with as much energy as the first few minutes of the song. The track “Forgive Me” is another track that feels very much like something that would have come from G’n’R. The vocals from Corey Newport and music from Martin Lynch sound like something that would have come from that’s band’s discography. When listening to the new self-titled CD from Clueless Ruler, you feel as if you have taken a trip back to a time where real rock and roll lived. If you have been looking for people who still know what “real” rock sounds like, the music from Martin Lynch and the vocals from Corey Newport combine to create the kind of music that you’ve been looking for. The six tracks on Clueless Ruler’s new EP add up to one strong release that any rock lover will enjoy. Artist: Clueless Ruler Album: self-titled Review by Matheson Kamin Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)” - Matheson Kamin
If you wax nostalgic for the days of arena rock when pop and metal were on a collision course, you are hereby instructed to investigate Clueless Ruler. These guys have a sound that hearkens back to the glory days of “hair metal” in the late 80’s. OK, that’s not a style known for thought-provoking songs and progressive experimentation, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you can walk on by. However, this Canadian outfit knows a thing or two about the construction of honest hard rock. Motley Crue is a name that comes to mind when listening to Clueless Ruler (sometimes a bit too much for comfort), but there’s also a noticeable strand of AOR-style melody that reaches back to material like Foreigner and REO Speedwagon. When necessary, they can also cut loose with all-out metal. The result is a promising EP that is not going to turn the musical world upside down but which provides some solid rocking to make one bang both fists and heads. The production is loud and clean. It really sounds like a major league job, Misfit kicks the party off with a super crunchy riff that grabs your attention right away. Skid Row’s heavier moments come to mind when hearing this number. That also comes across in the melodic vocals of Corey Newport. He reminds me of a time when rock singers actually sang instead of snarled or growled. Second tune We Are Coming is where things just get a little bit too close to Motley Crue for comfort. It’s one thing to be inspired by a classic band, but this cut has such a strong “Dr. Feelgood” vibe to it that it approaches absolute mimicry. And that’s something that any good band should try to avoid. Clueless Ruler recovers nicely with Your Time Is Up. This is a mid-tempo power rocker that again reminds one of Skid Row and Crue but not to the point of slavish imitation. Newport’s vocals are strong and relaxed. The lyrics bring a touch of social awareness of the band, as they rip into the greed of the 1% and service notice that their time is coming. Cynic keeps the energy level high and has some of the tastiest hooks on the EP. In contrast, the poppiest sounding cut is Forgive Me…not a ballad, but something leaning more towards the radio friendly .Lyrics on this one are extremely clichéd, maybe even to the point of deliberate parody…it’s rather hard to tell Guitarist Martin Lynch unleashes a nice guitar solo here, but this is not one of the strongest tracks. The gloves come off in a big way with final cut FNB. This is furious heavy metal that is reminiscent of prime Judas Priest and Newport’s vocals apply themselves to some pretty foul-mouthed lyrics, which are hinted at by the song’s title. If you’re not too sensitive for that to be a downer, this cut serves as an excellent closer to a rather promising EP. Clueless Ruler are not revolutionaries but they are rockers and they are recommended to those who miss the days when metal and melody were not mutually exclusive terms. CLUELESS RULER Clueless Ruler EP Review by Mike Korn Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)” - Mike Korn
This Heavy Rockin’ band calls Vancouver, Canada home and are seeing their debut, S/T EP release on August 29th. You can purchase the digital download of CLUELESS RULER and instantly receive a single download of Your Time Is Up. For 6 songs, the price is a mere $5. Not too shabby, by any Rockin’ standards! I’ve already listened to Your Time Is Up and it’s a 100% worthy Hard Rock song; a song that truly has impressed me a great deal! I look forward to hearing much more from CLUELESS RULER and will most likely blab away about these up and coming Canadian Rockers in the future! Metal be thy name.” - Stone

Metal Odyssey

For well over 40 years, there has often been a fine line between hard rock and heavy metal. Some bands clearly fall into the metal category (Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Dark Funeral, Iron Maiden, Marduk), while others are clearly hard rock (Aerosmith, Heart, Bad Company, Pearl Jam, Foghat, Winger). But there are also bands that are relevant to both (Blue Öyster Cult, Mötley Crüe and Kiss, for example). Clueless Ruler (who hail from Vancouver, British Columbia) bring both hard rock and heavy metal influence to this self-titled debut album, although the hard rock factor definitely has the upper hand. Clueless Ruler have some relevance to metal but more relevance to hard rock, especially pre-1990s hard rock. The direct or indirect influences that Clueless Ruler bring to “Cynic,” “Misfit, “We Are Coming” and “Forgive Me” include, among others, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns and Aerosmith. All of those are bands that emerged in the 1970s (Aerosmith) or 1980s (Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns, Guns N’ Roses), and Clueless Ruler get their inspiration from bands that were popular during the pre-1990s era of hard rock and heavy metal. The rock landscape changed considerably around 1991, 1992 and 1993, when Nirvana and Pearl Jam became huge, alternative rock became rock’s primary direction and Generation X took over rock music in a big way. From then on, the Baby Boomer generation was no longer rock’s vanguard the way it had been in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. And Clueless Ruler’s songs are very much a throwback to a time when the Baby Boomers were still cutting-edge in heavy metal and hard rock. “We Are Coming,” “FnB,” “Your Time Is Up” and “Cynic” sound like they could have been recorded back when Ronald Reagan was president; so does “FnB,” which is angry and in-your-face in a way that recalls Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction album of 1987 (“FnB” stands for “fuckin’ bitch”). Everything about this 2013 release is unapologetically retro, from the bluesy guitar riffs to the Axl Rose-ish lead vocals to the melodies to the very extroverted lyrics. The Seattle/grunge/alternative upheaval of the early 1990s pushed hard rock and metal lyrics in a much more introspective direction; Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Stone Temple Pilots, Hole and so many other bands that became popular during that era demonstrated that a band could be musically loud and musically aggressive yet be quite introspective lyrically. Clueless Ruler, however, have no interest in giving the listener a big dose of introspection. This album is a throwback to a time when hard rock and heavy metal lyrics were full of machismo and were far from introspective. Clueless Ruler weren’t formed until 2013, yet their sound is obviously a sound that is reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s. Although “FnB,” “We Are Coming” and other selections are loud, tough and aggressive, that does not mean that Clueless Ruler aren’t melodic. The whole album is melodic, and while Clueless Rider are not exactly easy listening or adult contemporary, they aren’t trying to be brutally heavy either (certainly not in the way that Slayer or Gorgoroth are brutally heavy). Clueless Ruler are loud and proud, but they don’t go out of their way to be abrasive or punishing. Heaviness for the sake of heaviness is not the motivation on “Misfit,” “Forgive Me” or “We Are Coming”; melodic, hard-driving passion is what they are going for. Stylistically, the songs on this release have a lot more in common with Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion,” Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” or Mötley Crüe’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” than they do with Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” Testament’s “Trial by Fire” or Sepultura’s “Arise.” The more things change in rock music, the more they stay the same. And inevitably, there will be bands that seek to recreate a bygone era. Clueless Ruler is such a band, and while this release is not a remarkable throwback to the hard rock and heavy metal of the 1970s and 1980s, it is a decent and satisfying throwback. Clueless Ruler are worth keeping an eye on. Clueless Ruler Clueless Ruler Review by Alex Henderson 3 stars out of 5” - Alex Henderson

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