1. We Are Coming

From the recording Clueless Ruler 2 Song Sampler

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We Are Coming

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Wake up now
Another new day has brought its pain
Right on time
Thoughts of mine are gnawing at me again
Too late
To question fate
I wonder if I'd abdicate
My soul to get us closer to the end of their reign

Feet on ground
Look around
And see it's more of the same old scene
Fake smile reptiles all angry and mean
Can't wait
Please appreciate
That the time has come to liberate
And what I wouldn't give for a little urgency

They think they've got their time
To keep us all in line
There's not much left to keep us down now!

No time
Make up your mind
Are you with me?
Turn the TV off
Saddle up your coffin
Let's ride!
They'll try
To terrify and
Feed us their official lies
But baby now's the time to pick the right side!

This movie lists
As a tragedy
We're gonna splice it real
Nice with our own
Ending you'll see
And when the credits roll
Well hell we've made this movie whole
'Cause freedom sometimes take a little mutiny

They've got their reasons why
Our freedom has to be denied
Well all they'll want soon is forgiveness

No way
I'll take another day of the
Same old lies
Too late to
Or apologize
Time has come
We ain't that dumb
You might have thought you had us numb
But all you've done is just antagonize us

Open a crack
And stand back
'cause baby we're coming in
Turn on the light
Don't fight
'Cause you ain't gonna win
Accept the fact
That the time has come to take things back 'cause
What you've done in your time is the real sin

It's time to step aside
Maybe find a better place to hide
Cause this is ours and we ain't leaving!