Clueless Ruler

Clueless Ruler

Hard, edgy, dirty raw rock.

Loud, rough guitars, aggressive rhythms, and themes about betrayal by authority, revenge, hard-fought forgiveness and the things we tell ourselves as it all falls apart mark Clueless Ruler's self-titled debut.

Hear why Loudnezz Magazine called Clueless Ruler one of the "Top Artists to Watch".

Start with "Your Time Is Up" - a ticking countdown for failed leaders with an infectious groove and a killer solo.

Then try "Misfit" to up the pace, a song about defiance and proudly not fitting in.

"Cynic" is about exactly that: a riff-driven assault documenting "a sunset smile when all the while the rain gets nearer".

Switching between 6/4 and 4/4 time signatures, "We Are Coming" puts authority on notice: "The time has come to take things back!"

"Forgive Me" slows things just a little, fusing the slightest hint of a calypso beat with hard driving rock guitars in a plaintiff entreaty for forgiveness after yet another relationship mis-step.

"FnB" is a full-out explosion of anger, the kind we feel when we're trying to convince ourselves it's all the other party's fault...but ends with the damning realization as the self-delusion crumbles: "But I love you..."

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